Coaching: ensuring the best for our young people

Earlier this month, I went to one of Resurgo’s Spear celebrations in Bethnal Green. Resurgo is a charity partner of Impetus-PEF, and we’ve been working with them since 2010 – helping them with management support, pro bono advice and strategic injections of funding.

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Quantifying the uncounted: introducing our Youth Jobs Index

Can you solve a problem if you can’t quantify it? That was the question we were pondering when we first came up with the idea for the Youth Jobs Index, published today.

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Mentoring with a twist: the Teens and Toddlers story

Ever thought it might work to pair a teenager who is finding it hard to do well at school as a mentor to a toddler in a nursery? This is the model developed and pioneered by award-winning charity Teens and Toddlers – a long-standing Impetus-PEF charity partner.

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A second chance shouldn’t mean second best

Our new CEO Andy Ratcliffe gives his thoughts on educational outcomes for disadvantaged 16-19 year olds, as part of Impetus-PEF’s Life After School campaign.

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Ten simple steps to pitch to potential donors

Fundraising for charities has never been harder. There is increasing competition for funds, corporates are being more discerning and donors are expecting more.

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