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Our partnership with Impetus-PEF is helping us develop new and effective ways of reaching young people most in need. It’s challenging us to make a bigger impact on young people’s lives.

– Sue Gale, Interim CEO, Adviza

The need: Disadvantaged young people living in affluent areas fare worse than those living in poorer areas. Their GCSE passes are below the national average but quality careers advice can help get them back on track. 

Our charity partner: Adviza delivers careers information, advice and guidance to disadvantaged young people living in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. They support them to get jobs or access further education through personalised advice and coaching.

Our impact: We've helped Adviza to develop more detailed profiles of the young people they serve. Now their clearer understanding of young people’s needs – particularly those with mental health and special education needs – means that they are more effective at targeting the right support.