Magic Breakfast

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The partnership with Impetus-PEF has been invaluable in helping us to plan for our next stage of growth.

– Carmel McConnell, CEO, Magic Breakfast

The need: Half a million children arrive at school hungry. They struggle to concentrate which makes learning a challenge.

Our charity partner: Magic Breakfast supports 470 primary schools across the UK to run breakfast clubs that provide healthy food to children who come to school hungry. A recent Education Endowment Foundation evaluation showed that, in schools supported by Magic Breakfast, pupils made the equivalent of two months of extra progress in a year.

Our impact: Together with the Education Endowment Foundation, we’re helping Magic Breakfast to provide breakfasts to even more children. This means agreeing a plan on how they need to evolve to be even more effective on a larger scale. We're helping them to grow by strengthening their leadership team and their model of engagement with schools.